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Larry In the Middle East
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Palace Life...

For about a week or so in late April, Larry got to live at Uday's former palace. He said it was probably pretty nice before it was bombed and looted.

Note: I put the titles Larry gave the photos in quotation marks.

Palace from field,

View of palace from field.

Living quarters.

"Living quarters."

Larry in shower.

Larry in shower.

Compound lake.

"Compound lake."

Larry on top of palace.

Larry on top of the palace.

Grand mosque.

"Grand mosque."

Larry at work.

"At work." No, it hasn't been a hard day's night of partying, but rather a long, hot, exhausting day of work.

Do not enter.

"Do not enter." Don't mess with Larry!

Inside living quarters.

Inside living quarters. (I'm not sure, but I think that's Larry's assistant squad leader.)


"M*A*S*H*" Larry said these showers made him think of the ones on "M*A*S*H*."

Larry city backdrop.

Larry with the city behind him.



Anti-US mural.

"Anti-US mural."

Larry said from the holes in the palace, it seems five to seven missiles hit it. At least a couple of them were "bunker busters" and went down into the basement. He also said there's a big hole near his room and there are no working elevators. Apparently it's a bit dangerous to wander around certain parts of the palace, just because of the damage.


"Dining room."

Theater room.jpg

"Theater room."

True rubble.

"True rubble."

Stairs down.

"Stairs down."