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Larry In the Middle East
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Larry's first stop was Kuwait. He spent about five weeks there, mostly at Camp Udairi, but also at Camp New York.


Anyone seen Star Wars? Larry and I think this looks an awful lot like Tantooine (minus the extra sun)!

Outside the tents.


Yep. Those are camels.

Motor pool.

Larry and his squad in Kuwait.

Larry with his squad.

Inside the tent.

Larry's smallpox vaccination site.

Larry's smallpox vaccination site.


Larry with his squad en route to Baghdad.

Larry and his assistant squad leader.

The photo on the left of Larry and his squad was taken en route to Baghdad. It was a long, hot, dusty trip. Larry was fighting off the flu and wound up getting pretty dehydrated.
The photo on the right is of Larry and his squad leader. Larry is laughing because his assistant squad leader ripped his pants.