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Larry In the Middle East
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Thank you for visiting. Below are some links you may find interesting.


Click on the above link to see lots of photos from Larry's 2002 deployment to Kosovo. Unfortunately this site is incomplete. I was about a year late uploading all the photos, and Larry didn't get a chance to sit down and fill in the blanks. However, there are a lot of good pictures worth looking at.

My home site

Click here to visit my home site, "Holly and Larry's European Experience."

Click on the above link for information on various military facilities in Iraq.

AAFES Downrange

Visit this site to see what types of services are available for deployed soldiers.

PFC Hammer

Click here to read about, "a tiger-striped Iraqi kitten that wiggled its way into the hearts of a U.S. Army unit."

1st ID Website

Visit this site for lots of information on 1st ID.