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Sunday and Monday


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Sunday and Monday
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A relaxed last day before returning home...

Photo by P. or R. Tedrow.
Bohemia Bagel.
Bohemia Bagel.

For breakfast our original plan had been to eat at a place Paula knew about called, "Bohemia Bagel." Unfortunately, the directions got left in the car, so we were stuck eating breakfast at the hotel that first morning. Paula got the brilliant idea of asking Nina where it was, so we got directions during our tour. This morning I was definitely looking forward to a good breakfast after the substandard one at the hotel.

Remember back to our first night when we talked to the man about the 9pm ghost tour? Well, we did sort of feel bad about not going with him and going with the earlier tour instead. Funny thing: every morning we were in Prague after that, we saw that man on the metro. It was a bit eerie! We didn't want to let him see us!

           We found Bohemia Bagel pretty easily and it was good. We had muffins, coffee, and a bacon-egg-cheese bagel. We actually hung out there for quite a while. We didn't leave until around noon. We decided the day would be a bit more leisurely. We were all a bit tired and had done a lot over the last couple of days.

Click here for Bohemia Bagel's website.

Photo by R. Tedrow.
Holly and Paula.
Me and Paula.

We walked around a little after breakfast, taking in the sights and doing a little shopping. After that, we went back to the castle area for a while. From there we went to Wenceslas Square (Václavske Námestí), which isn't really a square, but more like a big shopping boulevard. It was definitely a more modern area. We didn't stay too long. I think we all much preferred Old Town and vicinity. We did go into a bookstore and look around.

           We went back to the hotel to rest for a couple of hours. For dinner we went back to the first pub from last night's tour. We ate and relaxed there for a while. It's funny because after living and traveling in Europe for the last three years, it becomes natural to ask questions like, "If we eat the bread that's on the table, will we be charged for it???" Things are definitely different over here, and especially after the parmesan incident, you can't be too careful!

Photo by P. Tedrow.
Frog In Your Pocket.
That "travel moment."

After that, we wandered around a bit, running into our Norwegian friends. We wound up going back to our hotel, and on the way there we had what I like to call a "travel moment." We were on the escalator on the way to switch metro trains. We were tired, and maybe a bit on the punchy side. I could see Paula turning the view finder around on her camera to take a picture of us. Robert was mugging for the camera, something possessed me to strike an "attitude" pose, and for a very rare moment, Larry was actually smiling for the camera. The resulting picture is one of my most favorite travel pictures. It simply captures a moment where four friends are having a great time in a foreign country. Paula took this picture and all our running in-jokes from the trip and made a hilarious parody of a cd press release on her website.

When we got back to our hotel, we went to a pub right around the corner. The atmosphere and service there were much better than the Irish pub's!

Monday morning we had Bohemian Bagel again for breakfast. During the trip I had been on a holy quest for a little travel guide booklet called, "Prague in Your Pocket." We had gotten one during our last visit to Prague with my parents. Before leaving on this trip, my mom had told me I'd better bring her back the latest edition. I looked everywhere, to no avail. While sitting there at breakfast Robert says, "Is that Prague in Your Pocket back there?" Sure enough, Bohemia Bagel had copies of it. I'm so glad Robert noticed it. I highly recommend visiting their website. It's blunt, sarcastic, and simply hilarious. (Later I happened to see that Irish Pub listed in there. Apparently it's kind of a locals only place. That would explain the way we were treated!)

After breakfast, we went back to the hotel, packed up our stuff, and checked out. I took a picture of Larry with his bar of chocolate, (It began as simply being an uneaten snack, now it's a traveling companion.) and we were on our way.

We all had a great time. Later on when Larry and I were home, we popped in "Mission Impossible." A lot of the first part of the movie was filmed in Prague, and it was fun to see all the places we had just been.

Click here for Prague In Your Pocket.

Photo Gallery

We owe all the photos from Sunday to Paula and Robert, since Larry and I wound up sans camera that day!