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Holly and Ryan's Summer Vacation

Las Vegas

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Ryan and I were in Vegas twice. Once was around Memorial Day. We stayed with my father in law and grandma in law. We also visited with friends. The second time was in early August with my friend JoAnna. My father in law and grandma in law very kindly watched Ryan for me so I could have some girls' time on the town. Both visits to Vegas were a lot of fun!

(I originally posted some of these photos on a Kodak site.)

Ryan by the door.
Making a break for it!

Wish you were here.
Wish you were here!

Longtime friends of Larry's and mine, Scott and Bridget, invited me and Ryan over for a swim party and bbq. It was wonderful to see Scott and Bridget, and their son Chase. Ryan seemed to really enjoy the water. It was his first time in a swimming pool.

Ryan in the kitchen.
Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah!


Ryan in the hat.
Lookin' good in anything.

Ryan and a balloon.
Can you eat a balloon?

Ryan in travel highchair.
Where's my food?

Ryan and Scott
Ryan and Scott
Ryan's head is covered in sunscreen.

Ryan and Grandma Layman
Ryan with his Great Grandma.


Go Dodgers!
Greg and Toya and Ryan
Greg and Toya and Ryan.

We also visited longtime friends Greg and Toya, and their kids Bethany and Byron. It was great to see them! Greg and Toya are laughing because they put a Dodger's hat on Ryan, when the Angels are Larry's team.

August 2005.
Me and Jo, ready to party.
Me and JoAnna, ready to party!

JoAnna and I stayed at the Monte Carlo. During our trip we shopped, got spa treatments, took in a show (Zumanity at the New York, New York), and also hung out in a fun piano bar. We went to the Freemont Street Experience. In all the times I've been to Vegas, I'd never gotten to go to the Experience before. JoAnna took me to a really nice restaurant there called Hugo's Cellar.
We walked around Freemont Street and I couldn't help but think of U2's video, "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For." We got to see a couple of light shows on the huge canopy. We also tried out an oxygen bar. If you ever want a really clear head, that's where it's at.
I had a really great time with JoAnna in Vegas!

Me lookin' good.