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Greetings From Harrogate...
Monday, 24 September 2007
A Quick Note
Topic: Autumn

In my haste to post the photo below, I neglected to mention that it is simply Windows wallpaper. I just happen to really like it, and wanted to post it on the first day of autumn. Nowhere around here (that I've seen) looks like that. We barely have any fall color at this point in the season. I'm guessing that picture is of somewhere in the northeastern US. (If anyone happens to know for sure, let me know!)

I hope this harvest season finds everyone healthy and happy! 

Posted by hkvlayman at 12:01 AM BST
Sunday, 23 September 2007
First Day of Autumn
Topic: Autumn

Posted by hkvlayman at 9:47 PM BST
Saturday, 8 October 2005
Autumn Invitation
Topic: Autumn
I absolutely love autumn. I went for my jog in the Stray, and completely enjoyed taking in the autumn beauty. One tree in particular caught my attention. Its leaves had turned and many had fallen already. The leaves on the ground were like copper stars against the bright green of the grass. It was grey out and a little bit windy. The wind blew the leaves around, causing them to fall here and there like gentle rain.
I would like to invite everyone reading this to, under the comments section of this post, share your thoughts about autumn. It could be anything - memories, a story, essay, verse, even a recipe for a favorite comfort food. It can be about the feelings autumn evokes, the sights, sounds, scents. It could be about Halloween or Thanksgiving, or going back to school, with football and cross country (or any other fall activity). It can be about anything related to the season, in any form. Feel free to post more than once. (The only thing I ask is to respect Lycos' general terms - no profanity, that sort of thing.) I want my blog to not only be about what's going on in my life, but a place friends and family can share their thoughts, too. Consider this a cozy room, with a friendly atmosphere. A fire is crackling and a warm mug of something to drink is at hand. It's a warm, inviting place to spend some time while the wind and rain go on outside. Come in, relax, stay a while!
(The photo is courtesy of Windows wallpaper.)

Posted by hkvlayman at 2:10 PM BST
Updated: Sunday, 16 October 2005 9:20 PM BST
Tuesday, 4 October 2005
Topic: Autumn
Autumn is definitely here. The last couple of evenings, Larry has watched Ryan so I could go out for a jog. That's been nice. As I ran yesterday, for the first time I noticed the scent in the air of a fire burning in a chimney, and of damp leaves and earth. The trees lining the Stray run the spectrum from lightly tinged to boldly highlighted with yellow, orange, and red. The daylight hours are noticeably shorter, and there's noticeably less sunlight during the day. The sky was mostly overcast, but there were mottled reflections of blue here and there, with the lightest hint of soft peach as the sun started to set.
Today I went for my run in the late morning. I took Ryan with me in the jogging stroller. It always amazes me how time of day, weather, and season can so drastically alter the look and mood of a place. Today there were thick white and gray clouds rimming the horizon, giving off some mist just above ground level. The sky was clear overhead though, and the sun with shining. I was glad I got out to enjoy the sunlight and relative warmth.
After my run it was getting to be lunch time. There's a little corner sandwhich shop, Chester's, just a block from our house. I've passed it more times than I can think of. I decided today to finally go in and get something. It was really good! On top of that, fairly inexpensive (exchange rate not withstanding). It's dangerous to have a yummy sandwhich place so close to home!
I also checked out a little bakery a couple doors down from Chester's. I got something called a "hedgehog." It was a rectangular piece of shortbread with caramel and chocolate. It wasn't bad, but I'd had something similar of a much higher caliber from Starbucks just a couple days ago, so this poor hedgehog kind of paled in comparison. It was only 35 pence though. I was glad I finally went in a couple places I'd walked by time after time. I also figure that without a car, I need to check things out within walking distance. All the little cafes and whatnot ought to keep me busy for a while!
In the odds and ends department, in case anyone was wondering, the name of the street that I really like, that I posted photos of early on in this blog, is Park Chase. I walk by it almost every time I visit the Stray.

Posted by hkvlayman at 9:40 PM BST
Updated: Sunday, 16 October 2005 9:20 PM BST

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