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Photo Gallery


Day One
Day Two
Photo Gallery

Here are more photos from the Berlin Zoo and the rest of our trip...

Sleeping panda on the platform.

Black cat.

Adult version of speedy.
The adult version (I think) of our speedy little friend.

Catlike bear.
I think this creature has the cutest face!

Cat nap.

Family portrait.
Larry and I really love this picture.

Kitty curled up.

Nocturnal creature.
It was neat having "night vision" on our camera. This was in the nocturnal area of the zoo.

Lion pair.

It was hard for us to believe these guys were real and not plastic!

Holly and ?
Me looking brilliant.


Pretty kitty.




Nocturnal snake.
Nocturnal snake.

I thought this gorilla looked kind of sad.

Holly being silly.
Me in front of the Reichstag hiding behind my coffee.

Wilhelm Memorial.
Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.

Larry in the German Cathedral.
Larry in the history exhibit at the German Cathedral.

Larry in the dome of the Reichstag.
Larry in Reichstag.
I know this is dark, but there aren't very many photos of us on this trip.

Street signs.
This is the weather we headed out for home in.

Reichstag. "To the German People."
Dem Deutschen Volke
You can also see the dome in the background.

French Cathedral (I'm pretty sure.)
Spacey cathedral.
This is looking up into the tower and I thought it looked very sci-fi.

German Cathedral history exhibit.
Model of Reichstag. The obelisk is now located in a different part of the city.

Reichstag inside.
Reichstag legislative chamber.

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